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Thursday, June 16, 2016

[New Mixtape] Dj Smoke - Smoked Out Radio 47 via @Promomixtapes

Dj Smoke is back with his signature mixtape series "Smoked Out Radio 47". Dj Smoke is about breaking indie music especially Chicago artists. Download, Stream this mixtape and add to your collection.

Smoked Out Radio 47 features NEW music from Bankroll Fresh, Vic Mensa,  Lil Yachty, Dave East, Scandar, Joe Gator, E-Reign, Mello tha Guddaman, and more!

We are still waiting on Dj Smoke to drop "Dope Shxt v1" whci he claims will be the biggest compilation mixtape of the summer so stay tuned as you know Smoke brings the heat and puts it down on the 1's & 2's!! 

Hit Up Dj Smoke For Mixtape Hosting, Promo, Major Blog Placements, Radio rotation, and Mixtape Slots Today!! 

TEXT Dj Smoke: 773-357-6651 

Follow @DjSmokeMixtapes on Twitter/Instagram 

Send music to djsmoketop10@gmail for the next mixtape!

Email: for FREE placement on the Digital Dope #AudioKrack Blog!! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

[Video] Dough From Da Go speaks On ‪#‎MineralWater‬ Album via @DjSmokemixtapes ‪#DigitalDope #AudioKrack

[Audio] E-Reign @EREIGNESM - My Word via @DjSmokemixtapes

[Audio] E-Reign @EReignESM - Magnet via @DjSmokemixtapes

Monday, June 13, 2016

[Interview] or Interview with JA The DragAn aka @JATheDragAn or Interview

First things first, tell us a little about who JA the DragAn is?

JA The DragAn: I’m a 28 year old Hip Hop, R&B, & Pop Artist born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio. I currently have released 2 Albums “The DragAn,” and “The DragAn 2” totaling 27 songs on these 2 albums. The 1st album was material from 2009-2011 and a solo album. The 2nd album was from 2012-2016 featuring hip hop icons such as Bone Thugs-N- Harmony’s  “Layzie Bone, & Big Sloan,” Mr. “Walk it out” Dj Unk himself, and Gudda Gudda. I’m a single father who loves producing music and video’s and went to college for Audio Video Productions at Cincinnati State and have been writing music since I was 17 years old in my moms basement to writing lyrics by 2013 in Snoop Dogg’s studio with (Son of Dr. Dre) Curtis Young, & Lil Eazy (Son of Eazy E) while also producing a hot behind the scenes studio session video which is currently confidential. I have been on songs, performed as a show opener, and/or produced video’s around over 50 Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop celebrities in the past 5 years independently.

You know, Bone Thugs-N- Harmony, Rick Ross, Juvenile, Mike Posner, 2 Chainz, Twista, (G-Units) Kidd Kidd, and many more! All can be seen or heard on my website at 

The name JA the DragAn is definitely a unique name. Whats the origin of a name like that?

JA The DragAn: The foundation of the name is unique, JA is the initials for my biological name “Jason Anevski,” the DragAn comes from my grandfather, whose real name was DragAn. He was from a small country in Europe connected to Greece called Macedonia. He lived to be 80 years old and an amazing influence in my life, married to my grandma for over 60 years, I had to carry on his cool name because this dude rocked in every way possible and always was a positive influence to me.

It speaks volumes that you've been able to work with so many industry heavyweights.  How have you been able to collaborate with such elite clientele?

JA The DragAn: I hustle, grind, communicate, and network a whole ton with people on social media, especially facebook! Being an entrepreneur and CEO of several companies and record label DragAn Entertainment LLC. The sky is the limit! I also can say that I have 11 years experience for writing Hip Hop, R&B, & Pop lyrics. With 5 strong years of video production with thousands of hours worth of producing, writing, mixing, or editing music and video’s. I show people my website and work and reach out to them to collaborate together and if they like what they see, then I get put on a new project or gig, then I do the damn thing and work my magic! As funk legend “Bootsy Collins” once told me, “ just keep bangin on them doors” so I just keep on bangin!

What has it been like for you to collaborate with artists of such a high caliber, and earning the respect from them in doing so?

JA The DragAn: It’s been an epic honor to be around the type of industry cats that I’ve had the opportunity to be around. As long as you always keep everything legit and 100, do what you say your going to do, follow through, stay humble, honest, and loyal, then people respect that. I do my part and stay in my own lane, and just keep in moving and stay motivated. 

In working with so many esteemed people, what have you absorbed from each of the artists, producers, and videographers you've worked with and been able to apply to your own career?

JA The DragAn: Stay humble and not being an arrogant asshole like some 
people can be once they reach a certain level. No name dropping, but that’s also just part of business I don’t lose sleep over ignorant people and stay focused on my grind. I have always learned something new with many different circumstances while collaborating around 50 celebrities, only 3 were assholes, the rest were super cool and I can see why so many people enjoy working around them. I’m a pretty easy going person.

Being able to work with a literal who's who of the industry, is there anyone else out there you'd like to work with that you haven't yet?

JA The DragAn: Eminem, that would be super dope! My boy Big Sloan from Mo Thugs whose featured in my “Shorty Wap” song with “Layzie Bone” has currently been in the studio with Eminem and Crooked-i- of Slaughterhouse. Just knowing I’m only 1 person away from these people is

a refreshing feeling after all of my hard work. I don’t think Eminem is currently working with too many new artists, but would be cool to meet him since he is the funkiest white hip-hop artist ever! (Laughing) He’s one of the best lyricists of all time in my opinion. I would have to bring fire times 3 if I ever had an opportunity to be on a song and/or perform with the champ!

Is there a moment or moments that stick out with a particular person you've interacted with that's made a significant impact on you?

JA The DragAn: Yes indeed, I went from having Bone Thugs-N- Harmony being my all time favorite childhood rap group, to being on a track with my favorite member Layzie Bone whose on my song “Shorty Wap,” you can download, watch, and listen on i-Tunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, & more. Recording around him was a blast in LA! I also had an epic opportunity to open up & perform in front of a sold out “Live Nation” crowd in front of the iconic legendary “Bone thugs-N- Harmony.” Just meeting all of the members of the group on and off stage was a blessing. They were all super cool humble dudes, and they rocked out my hometown of Cincinnati Ohio in March of 2016.

You worked with both Dr. Dre's son, Curtis Young and Eazy E's son Lil Eazy. What were those sessions like?  Did they talk about their fathers much?

JA The DragAn: Yes I worked with (Son of Dr. Dre) Curtis Young for 4 months out in California, as well as (Son of Eazy E) Lil Eazy, whom I worked around a few times. We were all at Snoop Dogg’s studio out in Irvine California while they were instrumental beat shopping, while I was producing a behind the scenes video of the studio session and writing lyrics. We also all went to the “Young & Reckless” warehouse & Ryan Seacrest E! Studios with the two legends sons, along with (Son of Jam Master J) Jam Master J’Son aka Jason Mizell, (Son of E-40) Droop-E, & (Son of MC Ren of NWA) Wax. 

Since I know (Son of Dr. Dre) Curtis Young the most, I have talked to him about his father “Dr. Dre a few times, he just stays in his lane, and his father stays in his own lane. I can relate to him since its hard to fill the shoes of a very successful father and not ever getting hand outs and having to provide for ourselves without our fathers help. Nobody gave them handouts; they had to earn it, just as we do as we keep progressing. I also know that Lil Eazy, and Jam Master J’Son both really miss their fathers and are still out there doing their thing musically. I salute them all!

Being a jack-of- all-trades so to speak, how to you incorporate all these multi-tasking endeavors into a 24-hour day?

JA The DragAn: Time management! This is grind work yet fun. There’s many late nights writing, recording, mixing, producing, camera operating, directing, producing, performing, and editing! Editing is the tedious long hour work that takes most of the time. I have spent thousands of hours editing to perfect on my craft and projects. I work on all of this outside of being a full time entrepreneur &  raising my 4-year- old son Levi who keeps me inspired.

What can we expect next from JA the DragAn?

JA The DragAn: I just recently dropped my 2 nd Album with 14 songs titled “The DragAn 2,” featuring Layzie Bone, Big Sloan, Dj Unk, & Gudda Gudda which I will be promoting. I have a show opening up for “JR Writer” June 3 rd 2016 in Cincinnati Ohio performing live at Wise Guys as a show opener. I have another show which I will be “Headlining” called “The Heavy Hitters” on June 18 th 2016 at Madison Live in Covington KY. I have already started working on my 3 rd album “The DragAn 3,” which you can be expecting more celeb collaborations, singles, and video’s produced  by yours truly! As Layzie Bone once said “it don’t stop!”

What are the next projects your working on that we can look forward to?

JA The DragAn: “The DragAn 3” my third album, it don’t stop!

Where can we go on social media to check out your music and videos?

Snapchat: JA The DragAn

Everything is JA The DragAn pretty much

Thank you for todays interview, I appreciate your time, much love!

Friday, June 3, 2016

[Video] Lalo The Don @LaloTheDon - You're a Queen (remix) ft Nitty Scott MC & Yoshi The Talent

Lalo The Don featuring Nitty Scott MC & Yoshi The Talent - You're a Queen Remix (Official Video) also starring Mandy & Chardonnay Braxton. 

Directed by Lalo The Don, a Lalo The Don Film, Photography by Lalo The Don, Beat produced by FB Beats. Copyright 2015 Lalo The Don/Thug Gentleman Entertainment, ASCAP/Thug Gentleman Publishing


Twitter: @LaloTheDon @NittyScottMC @YoShi_TheTalent
Instagram: @nittyscottmc @yoshithetalent @mandii_zi @chardonnay_braxton90

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

[New Music] Skinny Meech @610SkinnyMeech - I Know They Hatin #DigitalDope #AudioKrack

​Chester PA rapper Skinny Meech finally delivers his highly anticipated debut STREET ALBUM "I KNOW THEY HATING" to maximum acclaim. The STREETS are claiming it's a classic. "This joint is like watching a movie" - Nik Numbers. 

With production from the likes of Jahlil Beats x Jof Money x Dougie On The Beat x M-Rrrrr x Angel and more. The music is hard drums and more hard drums. Skinny Meech only recruited a select few on this project like Redi Roc x Jahlil Beats x City Rominiecki x Steddy Rocc x Angel x Yung Goon.

Social Media
IG @therealskinnymeech Twitter @610skinnymeech 

Datpiff Direct Link:
Audiomack Direct Link: 



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Kifissia A$AP Ferg A3C X Beatz Aaron Dj Ductape Smith Above The World Absooloot Absooloot - Ghetto Bentley Music vol 2 Absyte AC Da'Perfecto Ace Mac Ace-High Adomless advertising affordable Aftermath Ai AIN'T NOBODY HOTTER THAN ME Akadimiks aka Rynel Parker NEW MIXTAPE Akon Akron Album Ali Mucci Alicia G Alicia Keys - Butterflyz Remix All Aces 2 All Djs Download Vain – Club Life All Ghetto All Real All Star Compilation Vol 3.rar All Star Compilation Vol 8 All We Know allhiphop Alternative alternative music alvin elmore ALYRIC Alyze Elyse Amazin Jackson Amazon Amazon Music Amite amsterdam android Angel Alei Angel Reckley Angry Animal Animated Anotha Day UpThaWay Pt2 anthem AntLive Anyextee app Apple Music application approved apps Ariana Grande Arkane Arkansas Arson art Artist ARTISTS Asphalt ATAK 1 - THE CHE GUEVARA OF RAP VOL. 5 - COMONDANTE ATL atlanta attention all dj's and producers Audio audiomack Auditory Mixtape Automatic Awards b easy B EZZY ""ADDICTED TO THE GAME" B Hype B-Boy Fidget DJ Mynd Tek: I'm Goin' In B-Dubb b-trouble B. White - The Evidence B.DeVINE B.E . B.o.B Baby Back by popular demand Back On The Block Vol 1 Hosted By Castro Back To The Future BACK TO THE FUTURE BEST OF FUTURE 2 Ball Ball Masson Ballgreezy Ballout Bam Bamboos & Cash Too Bamm Bandcamp Bandkamp Bandz banger Bankroll Fresh Bankrollfresh bars Basketball Bat Battle Raps Bay Anthem Be For My Time Beadz Beanie Sigel Bear Beat factory Beat Refinery Beats Beauty and The Beast Beef BeenOfficial Bella B Ben Jacobs feat Rihanna - Run This Town [RMX] benji Bennie Franks Besnkheru BET beyondmusik BH&MM big Big Bo Big Mike Big Noyd Big Sean Big Shane Bigga Rankin Biggie BiggJDaMann bigot bigshot Billboard Billy Danze (MOP) Billy Kauck Biography Birdman Birthm4rk Bishop Lamont - Black Milk Present: CALTROiT (Mixed By DJ Warrior) BK Black Cotton black migo gang black-morning BlaXphemy blends blizz money BLOCKBUSTERMIXTAPES blog placement Blogs Blood On The Pavement Blood Raw Mixtape Bloodline Sound- Powerhouse Ent. Live Mix Cd Blu Tantrum bmg Bo Deal Bomshot Bone thugs N Harmony Bone Thugs N Harmony The Enemy Strikes Back Hd Deluxe borrough Bossman Tr3nt Bout No Games Bow Wow BowlKing Brainiac Beats "Grindin From Da Ghetto" (Remixtape) Break of Dawn bricksquad monopoly bro nem brooklyn bruus bsm btrouble1 buckz Business Busy butta da great C-Ride C-Steezee C-Wolf C.K.G. Cafe Calico California Cam'Ron Cam’ron - The King Of Ohio Canada CANADIAN KUSH VOL.3 Capone (CNN) Cardo Careful Carlito Rossi Cartoon CASH DADDY - Streets May Be Icy ER Cashis Caske Cassidy Caterpillar cbmix Ceez CELL PLAGA Chamillionaire Chance Change The Channel MIXTAPE Chardonnay Charlamagne Charles-Johnson CheckList (Official Video) Chedda Da Connect Chester Chet Chet Chi Chi_P Chi-Raq chicago chicago hip hop CHICAGO HIP HOP BLOG CHICAGO HIPHIP BLOG Chicago music Chicago promomixtapes Chicago. 2015 CHicago. 2016 Chicagoland Chicgo Chief Keef Chinx Drugz Chipz Da General Chiraq Chise Ninja Chitown Chiraq chop squad ChopSquad Chriaq Chris Brown Christian Breslauer Clean Cleveland Cliff CloudMusic CLR club Club Remix clubs coast Coast 2 Coast Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals Vol. 24 Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals Vol. 27 COAST 2 COAST INSTRUMENTALS VOL. 32 Coast 2 Coast mixtape Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Mixtape Vol. 164 COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 118 Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 166 - COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 167 COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 177 - HOSTED BY CYHI THE PRYNCE MIXED BY DJ HEADBUSSA COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 184 Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 186 Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 209 - Hosted By Pete Rock - Mixed By DJ J Green Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 58 - Hosted By Lupe Fiasco Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 68 - Hosted By Yung Joc Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 76 - Hosted By Tone Trump Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 77 - Hosted by Bobby Valentino Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 78 - Hosted By Mike Jones Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 80 - Hosted By Illaj COAST 2 COAST MIXTAPES & DJ DECKO PRESENT: ESSENCE OF RNB VOL. 1 Coast2coast Coda Coke Boys Cold Hard ColdFrunt Colosseum NIght Club Columbia Come join me on CoreDjsAfrica comedy concert Concrete Shit contemporary R&B contest Controller COOKIE DOUGH Cool Calm Collected cool running dj's cover Cris Cab crowd Cuffs to cufflinks Cupcakke Curren$y current Cy Harp - Dead Serious Album D Banga D DUTTY LANDRY D-Dot D.O.S. D.R.U.G.S Da Brat Da Cloth Da Nappy Headz DaddyLo Dance Club Invasion 2 daniel-montiel dark mirror films dark nation dat piff Datpiff Dave East DAVE MO55 dave moss David Banner - Sex day Day Day DEALS DeasaldUp Debe Dedication Dedication 5 dell cashtro Denon Deory Derjuan Desiigner Detour The Mixtape Detroit Devin The Dude Diamonds Diddy Different Digital Scale - Gucci Mane- Deeper Than Trap Digital-Delerium-Productions Dimes directed-by director Director GT Dirty Dirty South Armageddon Rnb Vol.2 Dirtysouthradioonline DIRTYSOUTHRADIOONLINE.COM Disco D distribution dizzy cash reid DJ DJ NOVASTAR DJ 5150 DJ A-JUICE - Shake/ Dance To It Latin Twist Party Break DJ Absolut f. Ace Hood DJ Adrian G DJ Ames DJ Ames - International Hustle Unsigned Edition Vol 2 DJ Antalive - Slow Jammin 7 Dj Armaris DJ B-NUNN presents "HODGIE STREET" DJ BIG A Dj Big K - Connected Vol.4 DJ Big Mike and DJ Thoro- Grand Theft Audio Pt. 9 DJ BLACK JESUS DJ Blaze DJ Buddha DJ Chriskillz DJ CHRISTION ft ACE HOOD- FAT JOE - FAMOUS KID BRICK DJ Cortez DJ Cosinus DJ Cosinus - International Grindtime V.2 hosted by Big Shane - Archie Eversole DJ Cosinus - RnB 2 HipHop Vol.1 (hosted by Rob Gold) DJ Cosinus - RnB 2 HipHop Vol.4 hosted by Atiba (Slip-N-Slide Records) DJ Cosinus teamed up with 2 Pistols DJ Cosinus teamed up with Yung Popp for his new mixtape "RnB 2 HipHop Vol.8". DJ Diamond Kuts Dj Diggz DJ Dirdy Souf DJ DOW JONES DJ Drama DJ Drama Ft Young Jeezy DJ Dub DJ E-V DJ Easy DJ Easy pres. Nate Dogg - Regulate The G-Funk (Mixtape) DJ Emiliot mixtape submission Dj Envy DJ EPPS Dj Far Dj Five Venoms DJ FU DJ FURIOUS DJ Genius DJ Geometrix DJ GMAC AND DJ YKCOR Dj Grimey Dj HeadBussa Dj Hollywood Dj honorz DJ Hypeman501 Dj InFamou DJ JAM DJ JAM AUGUST 2012 NEWSLETTER DJ JAM NEW MIXTAPE THE HOT SPOT VOL.7 DJ JAM Newsletter : July 2012 DJ JAM Newsletter OCTOBER. 2012 DJ JAY-O DJ JGREEN DJ JIJI DJ JiJi Sweet DJ JOOZ DJ Kay Rich Dj Kaze- Dj Xfactor Presents Fuck Twitter Vol 1 DJ KG dj khaled DJ Lazy K DJ Lexus DJ Lexus DJ Omega Red - Street Chronicles Volume Three DJ LEXUS DJ OMEGA RED PRESENT - STREET PHENOMENON VOLUME 2 DJ LEXUS - DJ PIMP - THE CODE DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 11 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 15 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 17 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 17 (NEW DOWNLOAD LINK) DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 18 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 20 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 21 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 22 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 27 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 34 DJ LEXUS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 38 DJ LEXUS (A.K.A THE LEX) PRESENTS - PRODUCT OF THA STREETS 68 DJ LEXUS FLEET DJ Lexus Heat 4 tha Street DJ LEXUS PRESENTS DJ LEXUS PRESENTS BLENDZ Volume 7 "The instrumental takeova" DJ LEXUS PRESENTS PRODUCT OF THA STREETS Volume 28 DJ LEXUS PRESENTS PRODUCT OF THA STREETS Volume 29 DJ LEXUS PRODUCT OF THA STREETS Volume 30 DJ LEXUS PRODUCT OF THA STREETS Volume 31 DJ Lexus RNB Fix Volume Two.rar (82.29 MB) DJ LIL BEE Dj Lust DJ LUX Presents Ryan Leslie Unleashed Dj M-80 DJ Melody Kane Dj Memphis 10 dj metino mixtape starring sean paul dj mil-ticket DJ Mister Hustla DJ MLK DJ MOTION DJ MRock DJ NESTA DJ NOIZE DJ Noodles DJ NOODLES - FIX YOUR FACE RADIO 13 DJ Noodles- DJ Drama Present: Fix Your Face Radio 12 Dj Omega DJ OMEGA RED Dj Omega Red presents 4 The Grown And Sexy vl.3 DJ OMEGA RED PRESENTS FLEET FLAVORS DJ OMEGA RED PRESENTS GRIND IN FULL V10 HOSTED BY GERM GHEE BWS DJ OMEGA RED PRESENTS GRIND IN FULL VL.7 DJ OMEGA RED PRESENTS WAR DJ Paul Dj Pauly Paul DJ PIMP - DJ LEXUS "IF YOU DONT KNOW NOW YOU KNOW" VOLUME 2 DJ Pimp - I Want It All Vol. 8 DJ PIMP - RNB FEVER 25 DJ Premier DJ PROFLUENT DJ Rated R dj rimm blackhouse Dj Rob Street DJ S.R Dj S.R. DJ Santo DJ SAPO 'n SLIP N SLIDE DJs - Myspace Hustle Vol 3.5 Hip Hop and R n B Dj Scarface Raw Vol 2 DJ Scream DJ Scream Swazy Baby-1st Round Draft Pick ATL Edition DJ Sean Blu Info DJ Semi DJ Sense DJ Skizz DJ SMALLZ DJ SMALLZ - B EZZY ""ADDICTED TO THE GAME" DJ SMALLZ MIXTAPE dj smalz Dj Smoke DJ Spin RnB Explosion Vol 4-"Spring Thing" DJ Spinz DJ Stylus DJ Suss-One DJ T-NYCE Dj Teknikz - Travis Porter - Im a differenter 2 mixtape download Dj Teknikz - Travis porter "Im a differenter" MIXTAPE - DVD COMBO DJ Throwback DJ TKO AND DJ TONE CAPONE dj tony harder DJ Trendsetter Sense DJ Turntable DJ V Dub @IndyTapes DJ V-Dub DJ Warrior DJ Warrior Presents Pain Language The Mixtape DJ WHAT IT IZ mixtape DJ Whoo Kid DJ Whoo Kid Dj Winn ft Lil Flip Eye Of The Tiger Dj Xfactor Presents Heat 4 Da Streetz Vol 7 DJ Yankee Dj Yella DJ YOUNG CEE Dj Young Legend DJ Young Prezzy dj-mix Dj-Smoke dje nyce djfar djjam DjJKewNYC Presents Sweet Sixteen Vol. 1 Welcome To Roc Nation djs DJSCENE Shows Us How Its Done DJSchemes - Get Rich Quick Schemes 5.0 Djsmoke djsmokemixapes Djsmokemixtapes Djxfactor DjXfactor - Black Congress Presents Maine Event - P.S.A Djxfactor presents panty Droppers vol.8 hosted by J-shin Do or Die Do'n What I Feel Like DOA DOE DOE Doeboyondatrack doin Don Cannon Don V don-veezy Don't don't know Donks Dont Ask Me Ask Them Dont Wake Me Up Donyae Shrugg dope Dope Fantasy Dope Shxt Doubleman Dough Boy Down download DOWNLOAD THE LATEST DJ LYKE MIXTAPE HITTING YOU WITH THE HOTTEST IN HIP HOP AND RNB DOWNLOAD the new mix CD: MY BITTER SWEET 16 Dr Jekyll - Mr High PT1 Dr Jekyll and Mr High Pt 2 Dr. Dre Dr. Dre- Detoxification drah*mad*dick Drake DRAKE REMIXES Drama DraMatiQue Dreamland Drega - Midnight City drill Drink Drizzy Drugs Drum Lord Drum N Bass DTEMixtapes VOL. 1 (Yung LA) Hosted By Ahmed Dubb' Duce Pound Duckett Killed Cupid Dufflebag Cal E-40 E-Mail Blast E-Money E-Reign Ea$y Money "Rain" (VIDEO) off 'Brinks Truck Boy' mixtape Easki east East Coast east side eastcoastdigitalradio Eastern Territory Eazy-E eBay EDM El Dj Loco Elitists Emilio Rojas Eminem Eminem - Long Time No See Official Mixtape (fixed) Enemies Englewood entertainment ep Epiphany ESG Estelle Etare Neged Eu DA BUTT RMX DJ ALMIGHTY Event eventbrite Ever Die 2day EVOLUTION MS EXCLUSIVE Extermination F.A.C.T.S. Fabolous Face Fly facebook Faceless Faces Facts17Mixtape Fallout Falside - Dollars Make Change Promo Falside mixtape FaMo$o Famous Dex fans fast n furious 7 Fat Joe FAT JOE - HOTNFRESH Faze Thy Holyness FDSM fear or loyalty featured featuring Ferguson Fetti Family Fetty Wap Fi-Ni-To fights Filthy filthy rich FIRE STATE MIXTAPE Fisno50 Fiyaman Flat Fitty FLEET DJ PRESENT STRIGHTLY FOR THE LADY'S VOL 2 WITH DJ ONPOINT FLEET DJS PRESENTS JU- WAKA FLAKA FLAME-TAKEOVER OF THE FUTURE WITH DJ DELZ FLEET HEAT VOLUME 4 fleet-djs Flexin Flexing Flight Risk Entertainment Flo-Rida Florida FnF7 FO FOCUSED Fooley forever-livesosa Frank Whyte Frankie Bad Lungz - Your All Welcome Frankie Bad Lungz New Mixtape Fredo Santana Fredro Starr Live 4 free Free Agent Free Mixtape FREE MIXTAPE FRIDAYS] PAYROLL -n- PATSKI MIXTAPE + 2 BANGIN EMP TAPES free mp3 free music free music download Freebands Freestyle Freestyle 101 Freestyle Session: Part 1 French Montana FRESH CAESAR - The Breakthrough Mixtape - Volume 1 :: Fresh Out The Feds Frost G Frost G - Mouf Do Frost Gamble fuk y'all funny funny af Future Future – We In This Bitch G-Unit - The Unit National Convention G-Unit/Shadyville djs Gafa Gamy Game Gangstatainment Inc. Gangstatainment Inc. Presents Southern Slang. Gangstatainment Inc. Presents: We Mean Business 15: Gangstatainment Inc. Presents: We Mean Business 34 Geezy Jones Germain get Get Familiar Get Loose Get Mo Get Mo' ENTERTAINMENT Get Right Music GET YOUR TAPE HOSTED/PROMOTED BY DJ SMOKE GetMo903 Ghetty Ghostwridah Gingerella Ginuwine Giulio4 Glenwood Leylo GNI go-bezerk GOOD DIE YOUNG good product google Google Play Gotto Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know gpt GRAMz Grand National Ink Grandmaster Flash - The Bridge - Concept of a culture (2009) grandparents Greater Then Fire Green Lantern - Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass: The Champ Is Here pt.2 (Mixtape) Greg_Street-Shawty_Lo-B_H_F_(Bankhead_Forever) Greggo Grind In Full 15 Grind Time the Mixtape Grindin' Process 2 Guapo GUCCI MANE guilletine guitar music Guwop Hallstreet blues Hardknock harlem-world he Best of Chi-Ill Head Hunta HEAT VOLUME 10 Heathcliff Hello Here I Am hharlem24 high High Times Hilarious Hip Hop hip hop beats hip-hop hip-hop weekly hip-hop-2017 hiphop hiphopweekly magazine hipvideopromo hit-house-studios hithousestudio HITTMENN DJs /SHADYVILLE DJs own ‘DJ JUKEBOX’ hoax HODGIE STREET - "RAINDROPS" + 2 EXCLUSIVES FOR DJS HOME TEAM DJS Homecoming Hosted by @DJSchemes Hosted By Clinton Sparks Hosted by Dj Drama Hosted by DJ Pharris Hosted by Don Cannon HOSTED BY THREE 6 MAFIA hosting hot Hot 97 hot new hiphop Hot-16-Playlist hOT-NEW MUSIC hot-new-music Hot97 HotNewMusic HotStylz Houston how do mixtapes actually get to the street? HTDJs Hunger Hunnets' Huxtable Hypomanic Productions Website Goes Live I Got Bandz I Rap Like i95BUCKY JOHNSON IAMKINGLA.COM IamWatchingtheThrone CD 1 of 8 Icarus Ice Cube Ice Cube - No Sleep 'Til Compton Iceberg If I Die Today vol 2 IKing Il IL-Legal "ILLegal Substance Mixtape IllanoizeRecords Illinois Illuminati illymusikent iLLz independant Independence Day Independent Duffle indie Indie Artist indie artists indie music Indy indy artist Indy-Artists InFlexWeTrust instagram instrumental instrumentals interesting articles mixtapes Interlude international-artist International-music Internet Community Interview intro intuit-media-group Iowa its true Itskidro iTunes Itylyon j Down J Fresh J Ness Roll Up J Ro of the Alcoholiks J-City J-LP J-LP's Newest Mixtape ReLOUIS VUITTON CHRONICLES j1m c2le Jacksonville Jadakiss - Jadakiss Time Jae Millz Jae T Jag Jah Diggs jake goes digital Jake Riley jam sessions JAMIE FOXX Jamie Lewis Mixtape 2012 @jayeluk Jamieson - Nothing To Lose (Official Video) Jared Evan - "Radio In My Head" (presented by Rik Cordero and hosted by Polow Da Don) Jasmine International Jason Porter Jay-Z Jean Grae Jeezy Jermaine Marshall Jersey Jeune Ra Jidenna Jigg Jilla Jim Jones Joe Gator John Blu joke Joliet Jonesboro Jose Guapo josh-goodman Journal OF A Dreamer JString JU Jugg JUICY J JUICY J and PROJECT PAT - "BREAK IT DOWN" - OFF THE NEW Juicy J Blue Dream - Lean JuxxDiamondz K CAMP Kamikaze Kanye West KARMEN SANDIEGO - FUN GU HOSTED BY DJ DRAMA Kash katie got bandz Kazy D KCP Keen Keisha Kendrick kendrick lamar Kepstar Keri Hilson Kid Ink Kid-Ro Kidd Kidd Kill Switch Kill The Game killa klan killed KILLUMINATI 2K10 Killyourself Kinect King Duce King Louie King Louie The Best Of (Mixtape) king virgo King Virgo Adomless Kingpin Status kirko bangz KLASSIK CEO Knightstalker pres. Lost In Translation Vol.2 Knoxville Kofi CoStari - Born 2 Lead Hosted by Krondon Krumbsnatcha LA La militia Lace Leno ladysoalpr Lagos Lalo The Don LameNiggazBeQuiet LaProfecy Last Last Week Late Night Booty Call 10 Law Law & Order Layne Vuitton Lazy Bone leak Leaked. 1980’s Leedz Edutainment Legend Level LEVI TAYLOR Lew" LEX LUGER Lexx Lifestyle Like A Stripper Lil Bibby Lil Durk Lil Flip Lil Herb Lil Jug lil mouse Lil Scrappy Lil Shaw lil tune chi Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - The Drought Is Over 6 (Rebirth) Lil Yachty Lil Yah liltunechi listen listen to remixes Live Live From Tha Rock livemixtapes Lloyd Lloyd Banks lmao Loca Monae Lock Locson logan-p-mccoy Logic Logic Luciano lol london Lonely Long Time Coming Longshot Look What Youve Done LosAngeles loud louie the fifth Louisiana Louisiana" Love Affair Low Key Low prices Lowkita LOYAL Loyalty B4 Love Mixtape Loznola LRT LUDACRIS Ludaversal Lullaby - Not Normal (Hosted LUNCH Tha General - I'm Everywhere prod. by 9th Wonder ft. Diamonique LUNCH Tha GENERAL ft. CASEY VEGGIES - ROLLING lyrics Lyrics to Go Mixtape M R$CH M-Rock M. Beezy M.B.F. mac miller Mack Capone - 100% G: The Mixtape Maffew Ragazino Magnet Major_Pain Make A mess Make Me Proud Mannaquin Marathon Marcus Areli Mark Too Sharp market marketing Mars Marvin Gaye Marvito Marvo Mary Mary J Blige Mattress Muzik 1 Max B and DJ Whoo Kid Public Domain 3 MAX DA GOD May - June Mixtape 2012 Mayday Mayweather Mc Ren Me MEEK MILL Mello tha Guddaman MEMPHIS BLEEK Mercedes Mesha Milan Messy Marv Miami Miami Tip Miami Tip "Low Key" ft. Fetty Wap Michigan Mid-Nite Grooves Vol.7 midwest Midwest Mixtapes Midwest Muscle - Bigg Jigg - Hosted by DJ Luminati DJ Hype migos Mike Mike Bonds Mike Jones Mike Wash MikeRoach Milwaukee MisfitRed Mitchy Slick mix Mixed by Tricksta) Mixed-Promo MIXSHOW Mixtape Mixtape "The Return of Hip-Hop" hosted by Slick Watts mixed by DJ Emiliot MIXTAPE CAN YOU STILL FEEL IT mixtape distribution Mixtape Euroz Mixtape Factory mixtape hosting Mixtape King Mixtape Placement Mixtape Promo mixtape promotions Mixtape slots Mixtape Submission: DJ Smokey Bear Presents Ball Greezy The Free Agent MIXTAPE SUCKER FREE RnB 25 MIXTAPE SUCKER FREE RnB 26 MIXTAPE Tra MIXTAPE TRAPPERS Vol. 13 Mixtape Treal Lee- Prince Rick mixtapes Mixtapes land deals for new generation of rappers MLK MO-Beats Productions Mobb Unknown mobile MoMix Vol.13 Monay Money Man Money-Right Moneybagg Yo Monop Monroe Monsta Kodi Monster Montana Of 300 Most Dope motown mixtape Motown Revival Mixtape Mouf Do movie mp3 mp4 MR BROWN MR LOC FO Mr LocFOReal MR. MAINTAIN ms-lele MTV mtv article MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS UNOFFICIAL DJ ALMIGHTY MIXTAPE 2009 REMASTER mubu MUBU Bubble Eye mubu gang MuDills muisc-video murder Murdergame Willz music Music 4 Tha Mynd Vol. 5 Hosted by: Tip Tha Ill Spit music download music placement music video music videos Musix My bad My Name Is My Name My Team Go Harder My Word mymixtapez N.E.R.D N.O.R.E. N.W.A. Napster Nash Nassus Natalac Nathaniel aka Flynate Hot Mixtape NBA Live '10 In Stores Today Entire Mixtape Download Available Now Needle To The Record DJ Competition (N2TR) presented by Traktor Nerve Djs new New Dj Raze One "Side Walk Radio 4 (Blu Division Edition)" Drops 11/24 New Heat From Modesty XO New Jersey New Keisha New Mixtape From KJ New Mixtape from Young HD New Mixtape SNI-Super Nice - Intelligent (2009) new music New music from "Lil Durk" NEW Music from Ty-DRE New Orleans Union Of Entertainment All Stars-Real Recognize Real New Orleans Union Of Entertainment-The Allies New Plastic thumbs Mix NEW SONG new song: new special LIL WAYNE mixtape 'Forever Young' new video New York New-hip-hop New-hip-hop-2017 New-music NewMusic NEWMUSIC4DJS:Diddy NEWMUSIC4DJS:Triple C's News NEXT MEN 2: We Are The Future Nick Caster Nick Caster - Ride All Night Nick Javas Nicki Mina Nigeria Nigga NIGGAZ IN PARIS Niko The Great ning no better NO Dj No Favours No Pad - Bigg Jigg - Hosted by Slip n Slide Djs - DJ Geeza No Pen No Potential nominations Noodlez north nostudiobeats Now Accepting music for Dj Smoke - My Name Is My Name 2 @PromoMixtapes Datpiff Nervedjs Mininova Mixtape Factory Certified Mixtapes Smoked Out Radio Blog Now Impacting Radio Ophishal – Get Fresh Nubian Numbers NWA NY NYC O_S The Leak [LP For Free] Prod By Dangerous OFB Yung OFFICIAL Official D.U.O. OgAceMac ogun pleas On On Top one One Take online only my plug Only The Crew ONYX Ophine Ophishal Or Orlando Orlando Willamson OTC OTH OVO Owey p House Hosted by DJIQ p plus PackFM ft. RADIx Paint Panda Panty droppers Vol 9 Papa Duck Paperboy da great PaperBoyDaGreat papoose Papoose is back with his first mixtape of 2009 “21 Gun Salute”.. Paradise Paris Bueller parody party Paul Wall Pedezi Pennsylvania performance Pharrell Phil Da Agony Phillies Back Philly phone Picaso Swag Piccalo pimpmypenpr PISTOL - A SCALE Pitbull Pittsburg placement placements Planet Asia plus PMV PMW Polar Polar Bear police porn Porsha Porsha And Mercedes PowerMover Prank Pray For Forgiveness Prayer For War premium placement Presents All Star Compilation Series Vol 1.rar Presents All Star Compilation Series Vol 2.rar Presents BIGG JIGG - SPACE AGE TRAPPIN' PRINCESS of Crime Mob PROBLEM Problem Solver Prod. By Darrious London Prod. 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